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Translating my inner world of forms and images into art, implies dealing with the beautiful and the ugly,

the reasonable and the absurd.


The question on the origins, the interconnections and the real madness of life, developed over time into the focus of my artistic practice. My works search for life down to its smallest elements, social correlations and wondrous figments. The in-depth engagement with the human experience implies dealing with the beautiful and the ugly, the reasonable and the absurd.


In my works, I tend to play with the random textures of less controllable materials such as ink and watercolors. Building on these basic structures, I associatively elaborate representational or abstract forms to create peculiar worlds in a painting. In this process I look for symmetry and balance in the arbitrary. In times of an ever-increasing digitalization, which leaves little room for the uncontrollable and unpredictable, I find it especially compelling when my works evolve in unexpected ways. A slight obsession with a meticulous incorporation of the smallest details, draws me into long and thorough dialogues with what is to be processed in a painting.

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Random Facts
  • ​I talk to my plants and I give them names.

  • I love to hear the sound of someone turning the pages when they're reading a book.

  • I like to peal dried glue off my fingers while crafting.

  • Sometimes, I feel the strong need to touch certain surfaces and fabrics just to see how they feel.

  • My family and I are a multicultural mixture between Gallo Pinto, Sauerkraut, Tacos and Arepas.

  • Playing music as well as listening to it, strongly influences the outcome of an artwork. It plays an essential role in my creative process.

  • I like to work on the floor.

  • My personality shifts, depending on which language I’m speaking.

  • I love to bury my hands in big amounts of roasted coffee beans.

  • I like to have conversations with myself and dance around the house.

Random Facts

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