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Doña Teta - Selfportrait

Updated: Aug 24

There was a moment during my breastfeeding period, where I felt like I was just breast. All breast. Every one or two hours there was this look on my sons face, like the one hungry cartoon characters have when they look at someone and that someone turns into a roasted chicken. I would turn into Doña Teta. I was a giant milk producing breast being.

Doña Teta - Self Portrait
Doña Teta - Self Portrait

His food source.

This last fact is overwhelmingly mind blowing to me - his food source. That the human body is capable of producing all the nutrients a tiny being needs to live and grow is just sheer art. I was all the more amazed, when I found out about the odd but astounding beauty of the flowerlike mammary glands.

It was a messy time, a difficult time, but also a very beautiful one.

This is an ode to my son, to the human body and to the wonders of life.

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