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Upcoming Exhibition: Shapes of my Mind

Friday 3rd of November 6pm at Studio 5 in the Brotfabrik Bonn

Kreuzstraße 16, 53225 Bonn

Shapes of my Mind is being presented by the exhibition group of the Art History Institute of the University of Bonn together with the Brotfabrik.

Presenting artists: Friedrich Boell, Willi Reiche, Julia Katolla, Alexandra Kürtz, Bettina Vogel as well as the collective of Tim Fammels, Marco Pisano and Heinrich Schwarzer.


Solo Exhibition: Phantomschmerz - Verletzt, Verwoben, Vernarbt

April 29th 2023, 5 pm at Galerie des Künstlerinnenforum bi-owl
Stapenhorststraße 73, 33615 Bielefeld



Itinerant exhibition with I AM HER VOICE . Publication in the Art Book "Her Voices".

May 2022


Her Voices.jpg
i am her voice.jpg

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