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It’s not called lipedema, it’s called juice

Updated: Aug 24, 2021

I remember a teacher from elementary school. I remember how she would be bullied almost every day for her disproportionately big legs and behind. And kids can be cruel, as we all know. Jokes about putting thumbtacks on her chair to see if she deflates, were commonplace. And boy, did we laugh.

It’s not called lipedema, it’s called juice
It’s not called lipedema, it’s called juice

As an adult, I now come to know about the painful and very common disease among women: “Lipedema”. Many women are not even diagnosed correctly (if at all) and fight a constant battle trying to lose fat that is almost impossible to burn.

These paintings come from a place of love and acceptance towards different kinds of body types and most importantly, they try to shed a more realistic light on what human bodies look like. Working from a position of strength and not shame. Especially in times of wide spread unrealistic beauty standards and a strong necessity to erase every last pimple, curve or wrinkle we see.

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